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Mercy Health Foundation Fast Tracks Funding - The Vindicator

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, the Mercy Health Foundation has sidestepped the usual hurdles to approve a $1 million emergency grant to address regular care needs as well as those related to the crisis.

“This means there are relatively few restrictions and that funds can address almost any need,” Maraline Kubic, Mercy Health’s director of annual programs and community outreach, said in a statement. “Requests can be for anything that will help patients, clients or staff — virtually anything that will help improve care, improve access to care and make it easier for Mercy’s frontline staff to deliver care.”

Specifically, the fast-tracked funds will enhance support for Mercy Health’s existing programs to help the most vulnerable populations and those likely to be most impacted by the crisis, noted Paul Homick, foundation president.

Similarly, they will go toward supporting essential and emergency capital needs as a health care system to respond to the most urgent needs related to the coronavirus situation, Homick said.

A third priority is to provide essential assistance to frontline personnel who also could be subjected to contracting the virus, Homick continued.

Earlier this week, the foundation expedited $66,500 of the grant to enhance its vegetable and produce prescription program, which targets mainly people with chronic diseases by providing them with healthful foods. Because of the coronavirus crisis, the funds were approved almost immediately, as opposed to within a few months, Homick explained.

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