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New documentary focuses on the ups and downs of the revitalization of Youngstown - WKBN

Most of the national stories about Youngstown seem to focus on the shutdown of the steel mills and the problems they left behind. But now, there’s a new documentary out that focuses on the Youngstown of today and the younger generation that’s working to bring it back.

Ian Beniston, who runs the Youngstown Neighborhood Development Corporation, is one of the main characters in the documentary.

“This is the place that shaped me and made me who I am. It’s my home,” Beniston says in the documentary.

The documentary is titled “The Place That Makes Us.”

“But I think in general terms of its general portrayal of the city, I think it’s a good, honest portrayal. It certainly doesn’t show that everything is OK here,” Beniston said.

“I was really surprised with what I saw. It was completely different, the perception that I had,” said Karla Murthy.

Murthy, who has worked extensively for PBS, was the director and producer. She got the idea from former Mayor John McNally, who told her there’s more to Youngstown than just the loss of steel.

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