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YNDC Awarded Dominion Community Impact Award for Clean Up Glenwood Avenue

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

On Tuesday, March 26, 2019, the Youngstown Neighborhood Development Corporation (YNDC) was awarded a Dominion Community Impact Award at an awards ceremony at the Great Lakes Science Center in Cleveland for its work along Glenwood Avenue on the south side of Youngstown.

YNDC was one of 14 organizations throughout northeast Ohio selected for an award. YNDC was awarded for its ongoing Clean Up Glenwood Avenue program.

Clean Up Glenwood Avenue is an ongoing effort to stabilize and revitalize Glenwood Avenue. Over the past year YNDC has completed multiple projects along Glenwood Avenue including: rehabilitating a four-unit apartment complex and single-family homes; cleaning and greening vacant lots; planting 145 trees; adding LED spotlights to enhance safety at Glenwood Community Park; and reactivating one of the largest underutilized commercial buildings on the corridor.

“The residents of Youngstown deserve to have neighborhood corridors that are safe, vibrant and provide economic opportunity and access to the essential quality-of-life needs,” says Jack Daugherty, the YNDC’s Neighborhood Stabilization Director. Clean Up Glenwood Avenue has also generated tangible economic benefits including six permanent jobs, 25 construction jobs and the opening of three businesses, helped YNDC forge strong community partnerships, and laid the ground work for additional development and improvement along the corridor.

The grant award funds will be used to further improve the Glenwood Avenue Corridor.