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YNDC Completes Citywide Housing Occupancy and Quality Survey

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

YNDC completed a comprehensive quality and conditions survey of all residential structures in Youngstown in the summer of 2019. Survey results show that the number of vacant residential structures has decreased significantly in recent years, from 3,514 vacant structures in 2016 to 1,841 in 2019--a decrease of 48%.  A total of 1,022 vacant properties (56%) were tax delinquent.

In addition to vacant properties, occupied properties with code violations visible from the sidewalk were also surveyed.  A total of 1,653 occupied structures were found to have serious code violations.  The most common code violations were deteriorated roofs (1,338 occupied structures), grossly peeling paint or missing siding (620 occupied structures), missing and/or disconnected gutters and downspouts (467 occupied structures).  Of the occupied properties with code violations, 53% were owner-occupied (883 structures) and 47% were renter-occupied (770 structures).

A map of survey results is attached.