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Youngstown Housing Task Force Update

Thursday, September 26, 2019

The Youngstown Housing Task Force has continued to work on issues affecting housing quality in our neighborhoods throughout the summer. Through its Landlord Accountability Campaign, the Task Force is moving forward several strategies to hold public agencies accountable for addressing problem landlords and is exploring legal actions that the group can take to compel landlords to bring their properties into compliance with city codes and rental registration requirements. 

In addition to addressing problem landlords, the Task Force has established a Quality Group Homes Subcommittee to investigate concerns residents have about the quality of group homes operating in Youngstown's neighborhoods. The Subcommittee has conducted a detailed review of public records from the state, county, and city over the summer to develop a strong understanding of the laws and rules governing group living arrangements, the agencies who govern them, the populations they serve, funding sources, and the process for obtaining licenses and permits. The Subcommittee has identified several issues and is currently drafting a plan of action to address them.