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US422 Redevelopment Plan

The US422 Corridor Redevelopment Plan is a multifaceted corridor redevelopment plan for a study area of approximately three (3) miles along the US422 corridor, leading from Wirt Street in the City of Youngstown, Mahoning County, Ohio near the Madison Avenue Expressway to Liberty Street in the City of Girard, Trumbull County, Ohio. The study provides a framework for redevelopment along the corridor with an emphasis on leveraging existing investments along the corridor to encourage economic development. The plan also focuses on stabilizing the neighborhoods adjacent to the corridor and restoring public access to the Mahoning River.

In recent years, the US422 corridor has experienced significant economic growth due to the recent historic expansion and investments made by Vallourec and other industries along the corridor. Future development related to the emerging energy industry is anticipated along the corridor. US422 is a major highway connecting communities from Pennsylvania into Cleveland, Ohio, including the cities of Youngstown and Girard.

The US422 Plan is the first comprehensive multi-stakeholder economic development plan to be managed by YNDC, in partnership with the Trumbull County Commissioners and the Youngstown-Warren Regional Chamber. The planning process leveraged one of the most regionally significant economic development partnerships in the recent history of the Mahoning Valley, and this partnership has remained engaged and committed to implementation.

The US422 Corridor Redevelopment Plan has been completed and Action Teams have been assembled to implement strategies outlined in each of the plan’s five focus areas: 1) enhancement of the US422 corridor itself, 2) opening up land for job growth, 3) supporting local business, 4) stabilizing residential areas, and 5) activating natural assets along the corridor.

For more information, a full PDF copy of the plan is available here and an executive summary of the plan can be found below.