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Join the STAND UP, FIGHT BLIGHT campaign today to pledge your support for the effort to REVITALIZE our city and its neighborhoods! All membership proceeds go directly toward purchasing boards, paint, nails, tools, and other supplies needed to clean up, secure, and improve vacant properties in Youngstown’s neighborhoods. Every dollar counts; individual donations of any size, $1 and up, are accepted for membership. Please contribute today!


There are many ways we can contribute our time and energy to FIGHT BLIGHT and REVITALIZE our neighborhoods. From boarding up vacant homes to cleaning and greening vacant lots, YNDC engages thousands of volunteers each year in dozens of grassroots neighborhood improvement projects across the city. These projects have improved quality of life, increased community pride, and strengthened the capacity of community groups to tackle the challenges caused by blighted and vacant properties in their neighborhoods.


YNDC offers many learning and engagement opportunities for homeowners, urban farmers, and entrepreneurs. For prospective and novice city entrepreneurs,YNDC offers extensive financial counseling and intensive business training courses. If you are interested in starting or running an urban farm or community garden, or if you want to learn how to prepare healthy, delicious meals, Iron Roots Urban Farm offers free business, food preparation, and cooking classes. Homeowners looking to brush up on home maintenance skills can take advantage of a series of home maintenance training courses are offered at our Community Workshop facility.

SERVE: AmeriCorps VISTA 

VISTA, or Volunteers in Service to America, is a national service program operated by the Corporation for National and Community Service. VISTA members serve for one year, working together to set in motion long-term change at a significant, citywide scale.


The AmeriCorps REVITALIZE team serves on the front lines of the battle against blight every day. Whether boarding up or rehabilitating vacant houses, cleaning up trash and debris, maintaining an unused lot, or serving alongside community members at workdays all across the city, AmeriCorps REVITALIZE team members make a significant, positive, difference in our community.

WORK: Employment Opportunities 

Pursue a career in neighborhood revitalization! YNDC hires individuals both full and part time in a variety of fields including housing, property maintenance, construction, planning, urban agriculture, community development, and many other related fields. Available positions are listed on the YNDC homepage.