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Glenwood Business Center Spotlight: Ursuline Ministries

Friday, December 21, 2018

Dan Wakefield and Lauren Handwork of Ursuline Ministries sat down with us to talk about their organization’s mission and how they are using their space at the Glenwood Business Center.

Ursuline Ministries comprises the Ursuline Center, the Beatitude House, and the more recent Housing Program started in 2015. They use their space at the Glenwood Business Center to stockpile furnishing donations for their Housing Program, which leases houses and apartments to previously homeless people enrolled in the Ursuline Program. Dan said they had outgrown their old space due to a high volume of donations and started looking for another warehouse earlier this year. They found out about the space from YNDC’s eNewsletter and from having worked with YNDC in the past to lease rehabilitated homes to their tenants. They say the new space has opened up their old community space for other programming and has allowed them to expand their donations. Dan said the location is perfect for them, being close to many of their residential rental properties. We’d like to thank Dan and Lauren for taking the time to talk to us and for being great tenants and partners in revitalization!