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Homeowners Update: Cameron and Elizabeth at 1936 Wakefield Avenue

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Cameron and Elizabeth moved into 1936 Wakefield Avenue in August 2017 and have since settled into the Brownlee Woods Neighborhood and made a number of improvements to their new home.

YNDC worked to revitalize the property last spring and summer, completing the work in July 2017. This is Cameron and Elizabeth’s first homebuying experience. They built a fence in the backyard for their new dog, a pug named Dita, and painted a number of interior rooms. “It was really great buying a house from YNDC that was move-in ready,” said Cameron, “that way any improvements we make can be for things we want instead of things we need.” Their sense of style is inspired by Elizabeth’s tendency to collect items. “I’ve collected items that appear in this house since I was about 16 years old,” she said. Their favorite thing about the Brownlee Woods Neighborhood is its proximity to their workplaces and the freeway. We’d like to thank Cameron and Elizabeth for sitting down with us again and inviting us into their home!