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Housing Counseling Client Spotlight - Michael Pierce

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Housing Counseling client Michael Pierce was renting a home in Youngstown for five years before he was given the option to buy his home.

After looking around online, he and his fiancé realized that, with a little work, they could afford to buy a newer home. Michael heard about YNDC’s Housing Counseling from social media and made an appointment with Tammi to review his financial situation.  After a few short months, Michael was able to close on his new home at 2002 Weston in the Brownlee Woods Neighborhood. Michael and his fiancé were drawn to the quiet neighborhood because it was very close to both of their jobs and many homes on the street were newer. Their corner lot home needed some work but they were able to finish and move in quickly after closing. Michael said buying a home gives him a sense of security compared to renting. His advice for new homebuyers is to carefully review all the options available, including financing, grants, and programs like YNDC’s Housing Counseling. Thanks for sitting down with us, Michael and good luck in your new home!