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Land Bank, YNDC Continue to Advance Partnership with Commercial Revitalization of West Side Property

Thursday, June 18, 2020

The Mahoning County Land Bank and Youngstown Neighborhood Development Corporation are working together to sell a newly renovated West Side commercial building that had sat vacant for more than a decade.

The recent listing of the 2,240-square-foot structure at 984 Bears Den Road for sale marks another milestone in the partnership of the two agencies to restore and revive vacant, abandoned properties.

“This is a major step in our partnership with YNDC,” said Debora Flora, Land Bank executive director. “The process is much like our work with residential properties -- we’re taking a non-marketable and abandoned property, finding out what we need to do to bring it back to life and restoring it as a marketable property with a clean title – but in this case, we’re helping to bring employment, too. And we so badly need that here so that excites me all the more.”

The Land Bank acquired the building after it was foreclosed on for non-payment of real estate taxes. YNDC acquired the building earlier this year from the Land Bank and recently completed renovations, including the installation of a new roof, two new furnaces and a staircase leading to an upper storage loft. It also restored utilities, overhead doors, electrical work and more.

The Land Bank specializes in acquiring vacant, abandoned properties and repurposing them, and YNDC’s services include renovating properties and marketing them to qualified buyers. This marks the partners’ first commercial revitalization venture.  

The building features two small offices, a bathroom, a heated garage with four overhead doors and a fenced in backyard.

It formerly housed a company that makes aluminum products for the construction industry, as well as an automotive repair shop.

“We’re excited to see what we can continue to do with commercial revitalization by joining forces with community partners like YNDC,” said Debora.

The property is listed at $89,000. For more information, click here.