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Mahoning Valley Historical Society Presents Community Revitalization Award to YNDC for Renovation of 650 Clearmont

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

On Tuesday, June 18, 2019, the Mahoning Valley Historical Society presented the Community Revitalization Award to YNDC for the renovation of 650 Clearmont Drive at its 144th Annual Meeting at the Tyler Mahoning Valley History Center.  

650 Clearmont Drive is multi-family residential property located at the corner of Clearmont Drive and Glenwood Avenue, was built in 1928 on land owned by Maria Cinquegrana, the wife of Agostino Cinquegrana- a grocer by trade. The early residents of 650 Clearmont Drive- which historically consisted of 650, 652, 654, and 656 Clearmont Drive included a diverse group of working class people who were first and second generation immigrants.

YNDC acquired the property in late 2014 as part of the Greater Glenwood Avenue corridor revitalization work, as the property had been vacant for almost twenty years and was significantly distressed. The property was stabilized and secured with boards painted to resemble doors and windows. In 2018, YNDC began the full revitalization and by December 2018 it was occupied by tenants for the first time in decades. YNDC attempted to preserve as much of the building’s historic character as possible.

Many thanks to YNDC for honoring our team with the Community Revitalization Award!