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A team of 10 from the AmeriCorps National Civilian Community Corps is in Youngstown to assist the Youngstown Neighborhood Development Corporation and the city with neighborhood cleanup projects for the next six weeks.

The City of Youngstown is planning to make some changes to its water and sanitation fees that will impact demolition efforts. But Ian Beniston, who runs the Youngstown Neighborhood Development Corporation, is OK with decreasing the sanitation fee because he said it was never meant to be permanent.

The members urged state lawmakers to take legislative action to strengthen controls that will prevent neglect and abuse in state-licensed residential facilities.

When the housing bubble burst, it left a trail of dilapidated homes in Ohio’s cities and rural communities. A decade later, that gave birth to a new problem for those communities: lease-to-own deals that promised a piece of the American dream but often turned out to be nightmares.