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Park Improvements Underway at Homestead and Jackson Parks

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Construction on improvements is well underway at Homestead Park and Jackson Park, with support from the Western Reserve Health Foundation, the William Swanston Charitable Fund, and the Hine Memorial Fund. 

The old tennis courts at Homestead Park, which had become a hang-out spot for those engaged in negative behavior, were removed and the area was graded and seeded.  A fence and lighting will be installed to prevent further such activity.  A second basketball court is being installed to give younger kids a place to play when the other court is being used by older youth and adults.  Additional near-future improvements at Homestead Park will include the installation of a stand-alone ADA-accessible restroom, new playground equipment, additional lighting, and the removal of dead trees.  At Jackson Park, work on a new, fully ADA-accessible walking path is nearly complete, replacing a path that had become overgrown and inaccessible.