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WKBN recognizes Caring for Our Community Day on Friday - WKBN

WKBN 27 First News Anchor Lauren Wood, Reporter Christina Mullen and Meteorologist Matt Jones were out with YNDC on Wychwood Ave. in Youngstown, helping clear out a house. About 10 volunteers were swinging hammers throughout the day, including Jaclyn Kessler, who enjoys working with YNDC because she says the group strives to make sure people have homes. “I wanted to get involved because I am working on my Gold Award Project, which is the highest honor in Girl Scouts, and I wanted to get youth from different areas to come together and work on different projects,” she said. YNDC’s Demo Day included tearing down the house’s kitchen, which will have brand new appliances for the family who buys the house. Tiffany Sokol is the housing director for YNDC, she oversees projects and understands the importance of helping out the community. “Our workdays are extremely vital to everything that we do with our housing program at YNDC. We’re able to get volunteers out here to do the demo work and get our houses prepped for our skilled construction laborers to come in and do the rehab work on these houses. It saves us a whole lot of time to have these houses prepped and ready to go by volunteers, and that allows us to get more houses done each year,” she said. Anyone can take part in these work days. The next is coming up tomorrow in the Idora neighborhood, at 3726 Glennwood Ave. Work runs from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. “We’re going to be landscaping the island on the intersection of Midlothian and Glenwood, and we’re also going to be landscaping that house again in preparation to sell that house to a new homeowner,” Sokol said.

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