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Produce Perks SNAP Double Up Program Popular at Cornersburg Sparkle

Thursday, March 8, 2018

The Produce Perks SNAP Double-Up program provides up to $10 per day in fresh fruits and vegetables to SNAP/EBT recipients at the Cornersburg Sparkle, located on S. Meridian Rd. in Youngstown. 

Since January 2018, Sparkle customers have redeemed 2,602 vouchers in the amount of $12,671.82 spent on produce. The goal of the program is to make fresh produce more accessible to residents of the Mahoning Valley who receive SNAP/EBT benefits. In addition to Cornersburg Sparkle, Produce Perks SNAP Double-Up is also available at Cultivate: A Co-op Cafe at 901 Elm Street and will be available throughout the summer at farmer's markets in Warren, Howland, and Youngstown.