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Rental Resident Spotlight: Monica and Domingo

Friday, December 21, 2018

Monica and Domingo Vega are YNDC rental residents on Bonnie Brae Avenue in the Idora Neighborhood.

They moved into their home in May 2017 with their three children and have made great relationships with neighbors and the community since. Monica and Domingo met while working midnights together at Walmart. Monica now works as a freelance painter and Domingo works as a security guard. Monica said the neighbors watch out for each other on Bonnie Brae and that they feel blessed to be able to have a home after Domingo lost his previous job. Monica grew up in Columbiana County and moved to Youngstown with her family as a young girl. Domingo grew up in Chicago and spent ten years in Puerto Rico before relocating to Youngstown in 2006. They are active at Victory Christian Center where their oldest son is a youth pastor, Domingo plays guitar, and Monica serves in the nursery. Both said they appreciate the alertness and friendly attitude of YNDC when it comes to property maintenance and other rental issues. “It’s hard finding such a responsive landlord sometimes,” said Monica. We’d like to thank Monica and Domingo for taking the time to talk to us and for being such great tenants and Idora neighbors!