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YNDC Launches Campaign to Revitalize 1810 Volney Road

Friday, January 31, 2020 

1810 Volney Road was donated to YNDC in late 2019. The historic home at 1810 Volney was built by Emery McKelvey in 1927 and was later used for decades as a Carmelite monastery and worship center led by Father Richard Madden, an organizer and spiritual leader who fought to keep the monastery open for the people of Youngstown during a time of great social and economic hardship following the collapse of the local steel industry.

YNDC plans to improve parking and outdoor meeting space, upgrade mechanical systems, and restore the first floor of the property for use as a Neighborhood Action Center to conduct public and group meetings to organize residents to address systemic neighborhood problems and improve our neighborhoods. The renovation will allow for the continued use of the facility as a civic center and preserve the landmark property as a neighborhood asset for generations to come.

YNDC needs your help to restore this landmark property, honor the legacy of Father Richard Madden and Cece Bersch, and create a center for Youngstown residents’ efforts to improve their neighborhoods. Every donation helps! DONATE NOW!

To donate, click here.