Certain projects require YNDC to hire independent contractors to assist with the completion. To apply for consideration as a YNDC contractor, contractors must complete and submit an application with insurance and worker’s compensation information. If a contractor is not insured over $1 million, the application process ceases until such insurance is obtained and documentation provided to YNDC.

YNDC may give preference to the following criteria when reviewing applications:

  • Is the contractor a minority owned business?
  • Is the contractor based in the City of Youngstown?
  • How much experience does the contractor have with residential rehabilitation?
  • Has the contractor taken any lead safety training certification courses?
  • Does the contractor have any third party certifications?

After the application is reviewed, contractor references and previous work is evaluated. Contractor applications are then kept on file, and contractors are invited to bid on projects based on experience, references, and skill set.

Once a contractor has been invited to bid, the contractor will be provided with a set of specifications for a particular job and asked to submit prices based on the work as outlined in the specifications. All contractors in the bid will be provided the same set of specifications and any amendments or clarifications will be announced to all contractors such that fair comparisons may be made between project estimates presented by the contractor. The contractor must provide the estimates by a pre-determined date. Bids will be reviewed and a contract awarded based on best price and value, although price alone may not be the deciding factor in awarding a contract. All contractors invited to bid will be informed of YNDC’s decision, whether or not they have been selected.

To apply to be a YNDC contractor, please complete the application in the downloads section below, and return it to YNDC. For any questions about the program please contact Tiffany Sokol at