Neighborhood Plans

The neighborhood action plans address housing and property issues, such as a need for code enforcement, demolition, housing repairs, or debris cleanup; infrastructure issues, such as a need for street resurfacing, or the repair of non-functioning street lights; safety concerns, such as sites of recent criminal activity; and recommendations for encouraging economic development and community building.

In neighborhoods with a weaker housing market, YNDC and the City of Youngstown will focus on acquisition strategies for vacant, tax delinquent land near major assets to be acquired and assembled for economic development or preservation of open space. These areas may be located near major institutions, existing industrial complexes, or where development is not recommended. Land slated for economic development will be assembled to create sites ideal for development.

In weak market neighborhoods, YNDC plans to develop asset-based micro plans near key neighborhood assets to address key quality of life concerns, such as housing, property, and infrastructure issues, deteriorated sidewalks and crosswalks, missing street lights, and dumping sites.

In specific neighborhoods, demolition and stormwater management strategies will be part of large-scale, coordinated efforts using innovative partnerships to demolish abandoned houses and create sites for the use of green infrastructure projects to mitigate the damaging effects of combined-sewer-overflows during heavy rain events.

Neighborhood action plans, acquisition strategy plans, and asset-based micro plans will be available for download below as they are produced.