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Penguin City Brewing Company and Youngstown Cityscape recently co-hosted a public viewing party of the episode celebrating their businesses and the city they serve.

It took years, but 56-year-old Fern Shaw is finally a homeowner. It’s something she said she never thought would happen, with the costs associated with homeownership and the credit scores required for a bank loan.

We’ve been sharing different stories on housing in the Valley for the past several weeks. WKBN Community Affairs Director Dee Crawford goes in-depth with one organization looking to help people improve their homes.

Of all the cities and townships in Mahoning County, it turns out the ones with the oldest houses have seen the largest percentage of increases in home valuations.

Carol Brenner knew she wanted to stay active after retirement, so she started volunteering at the Glenwood Fresh Market, an organization that helps people with limited financial means gain access to fresh fruits and vegetables.