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The Lincoln Knolls neighborhood celebrated Saturday over $100,000 in improvements to Lincoln Knolls Community Park that gives its residents, especially the younger ones, a safe place to play within safe walking distance of their homes.

In a recent Nonprofit Quarterly article, Elizabeth Castillo wrote about the need to recognize resources other than money as important sources of working capital. One of the categories of capital she references is “relational.” This story is a great example of what she is talking about.

When it comes to improving the region, there is a sizable gulf between what issues Youngstown city government can effectively accomplish within its budget and what problems private industry can address while still generating a profit.

Within that gulf, problems are left either unaddressed or become the focus of community and nonprofit organizations.

An art exhibit at the SOAP Gallery in downtown Youngstown is drawing awareness to dangerous sidewalks in the city.

In light of the exhibit, people in Youngstown neighborhoods discussed how they deal with the real-world problem that the photographs put on display.

Jo Tubwell loves nearly everything about her part of Youngstown.

“Except the sidewalks. I’ve fallen flat on my face sometimes trying to walk,” Tubwell said.

A section of sidewalk where she lives has been heaved up by a tree root and water over the years. As people age in the neighborhood, it is becoming a big problem for the residents.

Sidewalks are an issue in many of the city’s older neighborhoods, with uneven sections and portions of concrete missing.

The city of Youngstown will be removing and replacing sections of several sidewalks leading up to two elementary schools.