On Wednesday, July 10, more than 80 members of the Youngstown Housing Task Force, ACTION, YNDC, and other ally organizations boarded buses to visit the offices of Allstate Property Management, who is the property manager for Youngstown Houses LLC.

YNDC is proud to announce the publishing of its performance report from the 2nd Quarter of 2024!

The performance report highlights the work of YNDC from January to June 2024.

On June 7, the First National Bank Community Foundation awarded YNDC with a $15,000 grant to support YNDC's housing programs including housing counseling and emergency repair.

On Thursday, June 27, YNDC Executive Director, Ian Beniston, was sworn in as a board member of the Youngstown Metropolitan Housing Authority (YMHA).

Cheryl was born in Youngstown and has lived on the East side for most of her life. She is a first time home-buyer and a proud success story of YNDC’s HUD-Approved Housing Counseling Program.