Homeowner Spotlight: December 2023

Monday, December 4, 2023. 

Water was leaking into Carolyn’s home, causing damage to her ceilings and belongings. YNDC replaced her roof and she is so grateful. As a retiree, “I would not have been able to afford a new roof,” she said. “YNDC came along with an income based program to help me, and what a blessing, because money only stretches so far.” 

“What I really appreciate is the dignity I’ve been given. Sometimes you can feel like charity and this was not that way. I came into the office and felt welcomed. I was educated about the process.” She takes pride in her home. Carolyn helps to care for her grandchildren and great grandchildren and is so relieved to be able to stay in her home, and stay dry. “The worry has been taken away and I’m so appreciative.”