Homeowner Spotlight: June 2024

Cheryl was born in Youngstown and has lived on the East side for most of her life. She is a first time home-buyer and a proud success story of YNDC’s HUD-Approved Housing Counseling Program. Her favorite thing about her new home is, “It is mine!” she said. “I don’t have to worry about waiting for anything to be done. It’s my baby now, I have to take care of it.” She chose this home because it’s convenient to get everywhere she needs to go. “I knew the people who lived in this home before me,” she said. “It is a blessing for me to buy a home I knew had been cared for.”

YNDC’s housing counselor Alex helped Cheryl identify and resolve barriers to obtaining quality affordable housing. “I will make it my mission to let everyone know what a wonderful program this is,” she said. “It was a pleasure working with everyone at YNDC, I can’t thank them enough.”

Please call YNDC at 330.480.0423 for more information or to enroll in the program.