Mold, Cockroaches, Leaky Roofs: Tenants Say New Owner of 300 Youngstown Properties Raised Rent, Ignored Repair Requests - WKBN

They have raccoons living under their roof, holes in their ceiling or water leaking into the home — the tenants of one company in Youngstown all say their complaints were disregarded. They spoke to WKBN about their new landlord, Youngstown Houses, LLC, because they are fed up with the issues and have seen little help so far. In the meantime, the property owner raised their rent — some as much as $400 more a month than they had been paying the previous owner. Many of those tenants ended up in court facing evictions — either unable to pay the increased rent or refusing to pay because the repairs hadn’t been made.

And Youngstown Houses, LLC evicted them in droves. WKBN attended four eviction proceedings in Youngstown Municipal Court. Each time, the company was evicting five to 10 tenants from its properties. The complaints from tenants did catch the attention of the Youngstown Housing Task Force, a group comprising Youngstown residents and members of organizations that work in the local housing sector. 

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