Ohio Tenants’ Top Complaints About Landlords: Review - WKBN

From a cell phone or any other personal device there is a website that allows renters around the world to anonymously review and share information about their landlord. It’s simply called Rate The Landlord, which states on its website: “We are a community platform that elevates tenant voices to promote landlord accountability.” An array of reviews are present on the site from as far away as Brisbane, Australia; to Pittsburgh, Pa.; Kent, Ohio; and more.

New data reveals what has been identified as the most common problems that renters across the Buckeye State face. Landlords avoiding or mishandling repairs were at the top, according to a press release for the moving resource site moveBuddha. The site analyzed renter reviews submitted to Rate The Landlord.

In reaction, Ian Beniston, executive director of the Youngstown Neighborhood Development Corporation, said, “I am not surprised by the findings. We certainly hear from tenants through our housing task force efforts and repairs are a consistent issue.”

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