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Appalachian Ohio State of the Region Conference celebrates a decade of collaboration and innovation - Ohio University

The Appalachian Ohio State of the Region Conference is set to celebrate its tenth year on May 10 in Ohio University’s Baker Center Ballroom.

The annual event brings together public officials, economic development experts, and business and organizational leaders to foster collaboration and share innovation in Appalachian Ohio.

OHIO’s Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Service Economic Development Administration University Center plans and sponsors the annual event in coordination with many regional partners. This year’s theme, Models for Revitalization, will explore topics important to the progress and growth of the region, while highlighting collaboration models, creating vibrant communities, broadband, affordable housing, and tourism in rural Ohio.

“This is a special year for this conference as we celebrate a decade of good work together as an Appalachian Ohio community,” said Jason Jolley, Associate Dean for Public Strategy and Innovation at the Voinovich School. “We’re especially energized to be back together for an in-person event this year and believe our theme built around revitalization will serve as a reminder that our collective energy and innovation is vital and important to the future of a thriving and vibrant Ohio.”

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