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Inner City Housing Market Is Strong - The Business Journal

When the Youngstown Neighborhood Development Corp. advertises a rehabilitated house on the Multiple Listing Service, the property generally doesn’t stay available for long.

“Hours?” a laughing Tiffany Sokol remarks, partially in jest.

Sokol is YNDC’s housing director. Her comment reflects the heightened activity of the residential real estate market – activity that includes inner-city areas.

“Pretty much as soon as they hit the MLS, we’ve got showings and we’re getting offers,” she says.

Local real estate agents attest that houses that might have languished on the market for weeks, if not months, now get offers within days, if not hours, of becoming available, and are going for significantly more money than the asking price.

David Zamarelli, broker and owner of William Zamarelli Realtors, Howland, says he has never seen the inner-city market as strong as it is now.

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