Many Concerned with Lack of Development on South Side - The News Outlet

A standing-room-only crowd attended the March 27 meeting at the Oak Hill Collaborative.

It was the ninth session sponsored by the Youngstown Neighborhood Development Corp. Chris Davidson brings us the story.

About 70 South-side residents showed up to express their concerns to the YNDC. 12-year-old Kiara Bankhead attended the meeting.

KIARA BANKHEAD: I was listening to the people that were standing up. I was interested in what they were saying.

One of those people was her dad, Marvin Bankhead.

MARVIN BANKHEAD: My major concern is economic development. Once we start bringing in income that Youngstown used to, then all the concerns that were vented in that room will be addressed much more rapidly.

Those concerns include poor sidewalks, people using vacant lots as dumps, vandalism and vacant homes.

Frustrations boiled over at the meeting that was scheduled to run one hour but lasted for two. Residents say the city has forgotten their neighborhood. Here’s Candy Tarpley.

TARPLEY: Do better than that. You can do better with my money.

The Oak Hill Collaborative hosted the event. Director, Pat Kerrigan.

KERRIGAN: This was a very good turnout with a lot of enthusiastic people making some vigorous points that they were very much concerned about so I think the city administration will take notice that the people here do care, they do matter and they need to be listened to.

The next YNDC meeting is scheduled for April 1 at the Jewish Community Center will address the issues of Crandall Park/North side residents.

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