Northeast Homeowners Concerned with Housing Values, Population Loss - The News Outlet

Residents from some of the northeastern sections of the city met with members of the Youngstown Neighborhood Development Corp. March 11.

Rick Pollo attended the meeting.

TOM HETRICK: We really appreciate it. I’m here on behalf of the Youngstown Neighborhood Development Corporation…

That’s YNDC neighborhood planner Tom Hetrick addressing a crowd of around 50 members of the Northeast Homeowners and Concerned Citizens Association.

The association hosted the YNDC at its monthly meeting. The YNDC is gathering information on the concerns of residents.

The Rev. Lawrence Underwood says he fears the city will only keep shrinking.

UNDERWOOD: If we don’t improve the employment situation, the education and the housing stock, it don’t mean a thing because you’re going to continue to have young people leaving the area.

The YNDC acknowledges population trends slow decline in recent years. Other hot topics: Housing and property values. The northeast homeowners’ president, Artis Gillam Sr., hopes the YNDC can revitalize the neighborhood’s housing market.

GILLAM: There’re some homes in this area that are worth $400,000 or $500,000: Beachwood, McKelvey Lake, some beautiful homes. But their value is not like the homes that – take for instance – in some areas of the city.

Hetrick says the YNDC will address housing issues and target the neighborhood’s most secure areas first.

HETRICK: I think you have to look at areas of stability, because every side of town has areas that are more stable or less stable, and I think you have to look at the assets and build off the strengths of the neighborhood.

The YNDC plans to review residents’ top priorities to help the city develop a revitalization plan.

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