Seeing Improvement Through Revitalization in Youngstown - WFMJ

Nancy Ramos never dreamed she would be a homeowner, but thanks to a program from the Youngstown Neighborhood Development Corporation in the Powerstown neighborhood, her dream is now a reality.

"It's 3 bedrooms, what I love most, is I have my own bathroom in my bedroom.," said Ramos. "I'm so high on life right now, this is such a big blessing."

Home Savings and Loan donated the formerly vacant house to the YNDC, who renovated the property, and then sold it to Ramos for $25,000.

It is all part of an effort by several local organizations to revitalize what they call a "tipping point" neighborhood.

"Without action like this, it can backslide very rapidly into deterioration and blight," said Chris Travers, with the 7th Ward Citizens Coalition.

Nancy will close on her house in just a couple of weeks and while she settles in, revitalization efforts will continue. Officials said they have to build on the momentum of this victory here. In fact, their next project is right across the street.

"In the long term you'll see the suppression in the number of foreclosures in the neighborhood, you'll also see a rise in property values, which is really going to help our area," said Travers.

Giving Nancy Ramos and others like her, the opportunity to live the American dream.

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