Youngstown Looking at Trends in Neighborhoods - WFMJ

The city of Youngstown is seeking the public's opinion on a Neighborhood Conditions Report.

The study by the Youngstown Neighborhood Development Corporation and the Youngstown Planning Department found positive signs and alarming trends in the city's neighborhoods.

Among the positive signs is a decrease in calls to police as well as a decrease in the number of homes facing foreclosure.

During WFMJ Weekend Today's Press Pass Sunday morning, the executive director of the YNDC says population loss, increasing poverty and unemployment are a snapshot of the reality cities like Youngstown are currently facing.

"Although some of the information is somewhat sobering, it's not a surprise. What we are excited about is the real work of using this information as a tool to work with our stakeholders, work with our public officials, work with our residents to improve the conditions in our city and use the data to make our city a better police to live, work, play and raise our families," said Presley Gillespie, executive director for the Youngstown Neighborhood Development Corportation.

The deputy director of the Youngstown Planning Department says the plan will be brought to a series neighborhood meetings for feedback and input.

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