Public Provides Input for New Glenwood Avenue Murals

Monday, July 14, 2014

YNDC has selected Tommy Morgan and Jeremy Jarvis as the artists to install two murals along Glenwood Avenue.

As a part of the community design process, local residents were asked to share ideas for the murals via an online survey, a public meeting, and at the YSU Summer Festival of the Arts. Residents were able to meet and interact with the Tommy and Jeremy at the public meeting, and at the YNDC Summer Arts booth, kids and adults could draw their own mural concepts on coloring pages. In total, 77 residents submitted ideas through the online survey. The most commonly mentioned themes included optimism (hope, love, peace, unity); people (diversity, neighborhood residents and leaders); local culture (local food and restaurants; museums and theaters); history (historical figures and buildings; industrial heritage); nature (Mill Creek Park; trees and flowers); and Idora Park. Tommy and Jeremy are currently developing their initial mural concepts, using the input from local residents. Painting will begin within the next few weeks and the murals are expected to be complete by late September.