Results of Initial Public Engagement Process for Neighborhood Planning

Monday, April 7, 2014

Through a series of 10 public meetings, YNDC and the City of Youngstown engaged more than 400 residents across the city as part of the neighborhood planning process.

Meetings were held in Rocky Ridge, Pleasant Grove, Cornersburg, Idora, McGuffey Heights, Brownlee Woods, Lincoln Knolls, Wick Park, and Crandall Park. Data from the Neighborhood Conditions Report was presented at each meeting and activities were conducted to identify each neighborhood's top assets and challenges. Key assets reported by residents were 1) neighborhood characteristics, including good neighbors, housing quality and upkeep, and historic homes; 2) community facilities, including schools, places of worship, community centers, and libraries; and 3) parks and recreational facilities, including Mill Creek Park, city parks, and playgrounds. By far, the top challenge reported by residents were housing and property issues, including code enforcement, demolition, rental regulation, litter, dumping, and vacancy. The next most-mentioned priorities were 2) infrastructure repair and maintenance; 3) crime and safety concerns; and 4) economic development. Resident input will be made available in a Community Input Report, to be published in the near future by YNDC and the City of Youngstown. Resident input will be used in developing policy recommendations at the citywide level that will positively impact all neighborhoods, as well as specific action strategies for neighborhood improvement.